Junior Customer Service Officer, Addis Ababa

Pave Logistics and Trading PLC is looking for fresh graduates for the position of Junior Customer Service Officer. Here are the details of the vacancy:


Position: Junior Customer Service Officer

– Job Requirements:

  – BSc Degree in Engineering (graduates of 2022 and 2023 only).

  – A CGPA above 3.00.

  – Willingness to work in the logistics industry.

  – Excellent written and verbal English communication skills (Mandatory).

  – Excellent organization and time management skills.

  – Excellent customer service skills with the ability to build professional, friendly, and accessible relationships.

  – Team Player.

  – 0 years of work experience.


Duties and Responsibilities:

– Ensure that necessary information is filled into the system.

– Update information about every status of each transaction by contacting branches, drivers, and clients using the company’s communication channels.

– Follow document dispatch of branches for transit purposes.

– Receive export orders (SI) from clients and ensure that all required documents are collected timely.

– Collect seals and containers from shipping companies.

– Follow and ensure that trucks arrive at the port and catch the schedule/vessel.

– Send export container delivery documents and report to the customer.

– Record and report trucks’ arrival, departure delay, and detention with core.

– Report any operational difficulties to superiors in a timely manner.

– Comply with internal regulatory rules, regulations, policies, and procedures.

– Cooperate with other internal departments as required.

– Prepare and submit weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports to the operation manager.

– Discharge all assignments given and instructed by superiors.

– Perform other related duties as required.



– As per the company’s scale.

– Additional benefits.

– Limited health coverage.


Location: Addis Ababa


Deadline: October 19, 2023


How to Apply:

Interested applicants who meet the requirements should apply through the [online form](https://forms.gle/UQ1NPm83wmVkh4sL8).


Note: Be sure to fill out the form carefully as it is the primary source for shortlisting candidates. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.


Pave Logistics is a freight forwarding and supply chain management company with its headquarters in Ethiopia. We offer great service through import/export land transportation, sea freight canvassing, air freight sales, and transportation to and from customers locations while offering multifaceted services. In addition, Pave provides knowledgeable compliance assistance.

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