Ethiopian Airlines Call for Physical Screening – ET-Sponsored Trainee Pilot Candidates

Ethiopian Airlines has issued a call for physical screening for candidates who applied for the position of ET-Sponsored Trainee Pilot from August 21-25, 2023. The physical screening will take place at Ethiopian Airlines Head Office and Ethiopian Aviation University (EAU), Auditorium.

Position: ET-Sponsored Trainee Pilot

Location: Ethiopian Airlines Head Office, Ethiopian Aviation University (EAU), Auditorium

Date & Time: August 30 – September 01, 2023 (As per the schedule provided)

Mandatory Requirements for Physical Screening:

  1. Candidates should arrive on/before time: Candidates who arrive later than the mentioned schedule will not be entertained and will not be eligible for further assessments.
  2. Grooming should be up to the standard: Male candidates should have clean-cut hair and fully shaved beards, while female candidates should have formal hair and dressing styles.
  3. Educational documents: Candidates are required to bring the original copies of all educational documents, including Grade 8th Ministry card, Grade 10th, Grade 12th, temporary certificate of graduation, student copies, birth certificate from city administration, and renewed identification card.
  4. COVID-19 measures: When coming to the premises of Ethiopian Airlines, all candidates are required to wear facial masks, sanitize hands frequently, and maintain physical distance at all times.
  5. Candidates who completed their education abroad: Those who completed their education abroad should bring an equivalency letter issued from HERQA, high school certificates, including Grade 8th, 10th & 12th, birth certificate issued from city administration, and an official graduation degree.
  6. Neat and clean appearance: All candidates are requested to come with a neat and clean appearance.

NB (Note):

  • Candidates who fail to meet the above requirements, including the minimum height requirement and educational qualification, will be automatically disqualified from the physical screening process.
  • Candidates who applied for more than one position and location are automatically removed from the process.
  • Candidates who have previously failed the medical assessment will not be eligible to continue the process.
  • If it is discovered at any stage during the selection process and/or after the training/job offer that any information submitted in the application has been edited, forged, altered, or found to be false or incorrect in any way, the candidate’s eligibility will be canceled automatically, and this will lead to subsequent termination from the process upon discovery of the fact.

You can check the list of candidates who are required to attend the physical screening by visiting the provided link: 5897 Candidates List.

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