Abysinnia Bank Business Creation Competition

Round 2 I can! Women’s business creation, music, poetry and Tiktok video competition!

On the occasion of the International Women’s Day (March 8), which is celebrated every year, our bank has prepared and opened two-part contests for the participants during the current month of Europeans from March 8-31, 2023.

1) Poetry, music and TikTok video talent competition
This competition will be held from February 29 to March 13, 2015. And our bank compares the female participants with the talent of poetry and music and awards the winners at each level through the public vote given by experts and social media. Accordingly, he prepared a prize of 100,000 Birr for the first place, 60,000 Birr for the second place and 30,000 Birr for the third place.

According to this, female contestants who want to participate in the program should first like Abyssinia Bank’s Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/BoAeth/. Next, you will have to make a video that shows my talent in the field of music, no longer than three (3) minutes without musical instruments, and send it in the telegram below.
Participants who want to compete in the poetry category should send a poem about women or feminism of no more than 20 lines to the telegram address below.

Also, a competition will be held among selected Tiktokers to promote the Aday and Zahara savings accounts that our bank has prepared for our female customers in a different way.
Telegram address————0973- 87 57 82

2) Entrepreneurship competition
In order to encourage women entrepreneurs, the bank wants to select five (5) entrepreneurs from each of the 10 districts, a total of 50 women entrepreneurs, and provide loan services up to Birr 500,000.00 (five hundred thousand) at a low interest rate and without collateral.
Therefore, entrepreneurs who are interested and meet the requirements can apply at the branches and district offices of your supplier from February 29 to March 13, 2015. We respectfully request that you submit your request in writing only on the available days. On this occasion, we invite you to get better benefits by using the regular Aday and interest-free Zahara services prepared for our female customers.
Find detailed loan and eligibility criteria below.
Happy Women’s Day!

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