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SHEGER SACCOS is a self-help, voluntary and member-driven saving and credit co-operative/financial institution. The cooperative was formed and has been owned, governed, and managed by members who demonstrated a common bond.

The bond is saving money together and solving the financial scarcity to fulfil social and economic needs and wants with less interest rate, which otherwise is difficult or time taking to fulfil alone. The establishment of the cooperative is back in April 2021 by a few visionary and multi-professional initiators and currently the members reached above 1200. It is the first SACCOS which have its own ERP Portal, Mobile application and website in the country and provide online services for its members.

Sheger Saving and Credit Cooperative LTD Job Details...

Deadline: September 13, 2022

How to Apply:

Candidates who meet the educational level and work experience mentioned above, at the main office of the Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Building, 4th Floor, Addis Ababa, Mexico, with the original and non-returnable 1 copy of their proof of education and work experience, from the date of publication of this announcement in the newspaper and on our website We would like to inform you that you can apply in person on 7 consecutive working days.

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