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304 North Cardinal St.
Dorchester Center, MA 02124

Abyssinia Bank Exam Result for the position of trainee banker (bank trainee) to those who have taken the test and who passed the test , taking into account their residential address, to solve the relationship between East Addis District, West West Addis District or Central Addis District only.

You must carry your identification when you take the test, and we would like to remind you that it is strictly forbidden to carry a cell phone when you take the test.

You can Download Full list of Candidate Name through the Below Links:

Please Select Interview Location Based on Your Address:

• Central Addis District From Gerbe Guracha – Sululta – The New Market – Piasa – Arat Kilo – Hot Spring – Legehar – Kera – Gofa – Saris – Kaliti – Gelan – Kilinto – Koye Fetche – Tulu Dimtu – Dukem – Bishoftu,

• East Addis District From North Showa – Debre Berhan – Bole Arabsa – Ka Abado – Summit – Ayat – Goro – Kotebe – Mekong – Bole – Bole Bulbula – Kazanches – Cross Square,

• West Addis District Kesebeta – Alemgena – Wolete – Air Health – Alem Bank – Anfo – Bethel – Jemo – Lebu – Mercato – Kolfe.

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