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Ahadu Bank S.C. Ahadu Bank S.C. just joined the Ethiopian financial sector with an aim to create a significant impact in the manner in which banking services are delivered through knowledge-based leadership, state of the art technology, agile and unique strategy, as well as constructive market discipline.

Position: Manager, Learning and Development

Education: A minimum of BA Degree in Human Resources Management/ Management or related fields of studies.

Experience: A minimum of 8 years of professional experience in training and development areas  of which 3 years in supervisory/managerial functions preferably at a Bank. 

Job Objectives:

  • Participate in the development of policies and strategies of the Bank training & development and performance management programs. 
  • Conducts training need assessment, identifies relevant trainings and prepares annual training catalogue.  
  • Work closely with different training institutes, Colleges/Universities and facilitates the Training delivery.
  • Proposes different development interventions. 
  • Identifies critical/linchpin positions and coordinate the identification of successors.
  • Coordinate the identification and implementation of Individual development Plan for identified successors.
  • Develop and recommends annual budget for the training & development initiatives and other expenses of the department

Location: Addis Ababa

Deadline: September 05, 2022

How To Apply:

Interested and qualified applicants shall apply on the above link.

  • If you need more information, please call us on: +251 11 5260 795

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