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Oromia Bank invites qualified and competent applicants for the following position.

Position: Associate Branch Sales and Customer Service Officer (Fresh graduates)

Educational qualification: BA degree in Accounting, Accounting & Finance, Management, Business Administration, Business Management, Marketing Management, Economics, Banking & Finance. 

Experience: Work experience is not required.

The required Cumulative GPA is 3.00 and above for male, and 2.75 and above for female

Age must be below 30 years (inclusive)

• Only graduates of 2021 and 2022 E.C shall apply

Place of work:

North, South, East and West Finfinne Districts: Finfinne City, Oromia Special Zone Surrounding Finfinne, West, South, East, North, South-West Shoa zones.

  • Registration Place (Center): Bole, Behind Dembel City Center adjacent to Dembel Police Station, on the building where Oromia Bank Hayu Branch is located.

Adama District: East Shoa, Arsi, East &West Hararge zones, Somali Region, Afar Region (Awash Sebat Kilo), Harari Region and Diredawa City Administration.

  • Registration Place (Center): Adama District Office found at Adama Town, Mebrat Hayil sar tera area, on the Building where OB Arada Branch is located.

Shashemene District: Bale, West Arsi, Guji and Borena Zones, Somali, Sidama, and SNNP Regions.

  • Registration Place (Center): Shashemane District Office, Shashemane Town, Alaba Mazoria, Degelo Dekebo Building, 1st floor, on the building where OB Shashemane Branch is located and Robe town, Oromia Bank, Bale Robe Branch.

Nekemte District: East, West, Horo Guduru, &Kelem  Wollega Zones, Jimma, Iluabbabora&Buno Bedelle Zones, Gambella  , Beneshangul-Gumuz, & South West Ethiopia Peoples’ Regions.

  • Registration Place (Center): Nekemte District Office found at Nekemte Town, Agip area, Yosef Oljira furniture Building, 1st floor, on the building where OB Kumsa Moreda Branch is located&Jimma Town, Oromia Bank, Hirmata Branch

Dessie District: Amhara and AfarRegions

  • Registration Place (Center): Dessie District Office found at Dessie town, Piassa area in front of Dessie Tower&Bahir Dar town, Oromia Bank BahirDar Branch.

Those who applied earlier are not required to re-apply for the second time as the first application will be considered (ባለፈውሳምንትበተመሳሳይስራመደብየተመዘገቡአመልካቾችስለሚያዝላቸውበድጋሚመመዝገብአይጠበቅባቸውም)

Terms of employment: Permanent up on satisfactory completion of probation period,

Remuneration: As per the attractive salary scale and benefit packages of the Bank,

Applicants are required to appear in person at each registration place (center) and get registered by explicitly expressing the District Office they want to apply for,

Documents required for registration are: – Application Letter, Curriculum Vitae (CV), original and unreturned copies of degree, student copy and Grade 8th certificate enclosing the age of applicant.

If the certificate of Grade 8th did not indicate age, applicants are required to bring the copy and original of their Birth Certificate.

Language Requirement: For applicants preferring to apply at Finfinne City and Oromia Regional State, proficiency in Afaan Oromo, Amharic and English languages is required; whereas for those applicants preferring to apply at other work places other than Finfinne City & Oromia Regional State, proficiency in Amharic, English and a regional local language is mandatory as well.

i.e. Registration Date: From August 15, 2022 to August 20, 2022[Monday to Friday during working hours and Saturday morning only up to 12:00AM].

How to Apply:

The applicants are required to register only at one of the registration places (centers) indicated above otherwise application shall be disqualified,

Assignment place shall be one of the branch found under the District Office applicants are applied for & successful applicants required to accept the place where the Bank assigned them,

The applicants’ documents should be visible and free from eraser and erased documents will not be acceptable.

Only applicants graduated with the above listed fields of study are eligible for registration,

Application date will be only Six (6) working days from the first date of announcement

Only short-listed applicants will be contacted.

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