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Ethiopian Industrial Inputs Development Enterprise invites qualified applicants for the following job positions.

The Mission of Ethiopian Industrial Inputs Development Enterprise is to contribute to the success of the country’s manufacturing industries and to stabilize the market, with the help of competent manpower and technology systems and the creation of a strong supply and marketing chain, the development of quality industrial inputs and access to selected industrial products.

Ethiopian Industrial Inputs Development Enterprise

Note: Work experience includes only directly relevant experience acquired after graduation in the requested degree. We inform that the time and place of examination for the post will be posted in an internal advertisement. It is mandatory to submit COC for positions requiring Diploma and Level.

Deadline: 12, 2022

How to Apply:

Applicants who meet the requirements above, within 7 (seven) consecutive working days from the date of publication of this notice, attach your original proof of education and work experience and curriculum vitae (CV) on the website at the link Tender – Job vacancy.

• It is not possible to register in person.

• Female applicants are encouraged.

• Salary according to the scale of the organization

• When registering, it is necessary to mention the workplace where you are registering

• We inform you that if you don’t fill the form correctly on the website, it will not be processed.

• When sending evidence of education and work experience, as well as curriculum vitae (CV), you must send it in PDF/PDF/ format only and send it in one file with your own name and the name of the position you have applied for.

For more information, phone number: 0113 69 05 30.

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