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Grade 12 test results announced.

It is known that the 12th grade exam that was to be given in the 2013 academic year was transferred to the 2014 academic year in two rounds due to various national reasons.

The first round of civics exams showed similarities and inflation in almost all schools. Therefore, it has been decided that the civics test results will not be used for university entrance #.

Results analysis of other subjects was recorded as non-invasive.

All students who qualify for higher education will score 50% and above on the introductory subjects.

For example, students who have been tested in seven subjects will have to score an average of 300 and above for more than 600 students.

In the meantime, a detailed entry point will be announced in the future, considering the admission capacity of universities for students enrolled in public universities.

Students can determine their results using the following options.

1) Website in Education Assessment and Testing Service

2) on the Ministry of Education’s website –

3) Telegram Bot: @moestudentbot

4) By 9444 SMS)-You can see your results by entering your serial number on 9444 by texting.

National Education Assessment and Examinations Agency.

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